Offering Professional Long-Term Property Management In Lehigh Acres

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    We have many years of management experience and our affordable rates are an exceptional value.

    • Residential long-term Tenants lease for 1+ years
    • Timely delivery of Rents
    • Prompt and Professional Management service
    • Comprehensive Tenant Screening
    • Full interior/exterior photo and written inspections
    • Experienced, licensed Property Managers
    • Dragonfly Properties is registered with the DBPR
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    Factors that determine rent amounts:

      From our leasing and risk management experience, we know what it takes to property manage income-producing rental homes successfully. The amount of monthly rent depends on:

    • Current rental-market conditions
    • Location of the property
    • Floor plan, number of bedrooms and baths
    • Upgrades including pools, fences, counter tops etc.
    • Landscaping and “curb appeal”
    • Age of the property
    • Cleanliness, maintenance and condition
    • The better condition of the property, the better quality of tenants you will attract.
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    Full-Service Property Management

    Aggressive advertising, digital photographs, attractive for-rent sign, finding and qualifying a suitable tenant, credit check, evictions check, employment and residency verification, full lease preparation and a documented move-in inspection = 50% of 1st month’s rent.

    Monthly Management, administration, rent collection and direct deposit into your bank account, managing tenant relations, recurring inspections, maintenance repairs & legal co-ordination, and 24/7 online financial statements = 10% of monthly rent.

    24/7 Landlord and Tenant Access

    With full-service property management, you have 24/7 online access to statements, maintenance repair updates, rents, leases and inspection reports.

    Tenants also have online access to view their own statements, submit maintenance requests and pay their rent online – a very popular feature!

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    Tenant Acquisition Only (local & experienced landlords, no monthly management)

    Aggressive advertising, digital photographs, attractive for-rent sign, finding and qualifying a suitable tenant, credit check, evictions check, employment and residency verification, full lease preparation and a documented move-in inspection = 100% of 1st month’s rent, no monthly management.

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    One of our recent clients just paid $1545 plus a 60 day notice by certified mail to their last property manager to release themselves from their contract.!! They had been clients of their last company for 3+ years and were very unhappy with the complete lack of communication, excessive charges, and poor service they had received. What kind of relationship do you have with your management company? Would they charge you an outrageous penalty
    if you were unhappy with their services and wanted to leave?

    We have no cancellation fee. We charge fair prices. We will return your calls or e-mails promptly. Efficient and professional service. We make switching over easy. We will discuss your current situation with you to find out what can be done. If you employ us, notify your current company by certified mail (we can supply sample documents), then we contact them and your tenants to arrange the transfer.

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    Prompt And Polite Customer Service
    Our friendly and courteous receptionist handles your tenants and property issues efficiently in a professional manner. We punctually return phone calls and e-mails plus we aim to develop trusting relationships with all our customers.

    Our residential property managers are all licensed real estate salespeople or brokers with professional designations and have a great deal of experience and knowledge in managing single family and multi family homes. We have the staff available to handle the average hundreds of tenant inquiries each month to our office; and our managers are trained in the art of showing properties and pre-qualifying prospective renters. Our office operates during normal business hours plus our property managers are always on call for after hour’s appointments and emergencies.

    Full Property Inspections (free of charge)
    Our inspections are including at no extra charge and we don’t just record a video. Our move-in inspection is a full walk-through with 50+ photos inside and out plus a written report; and we show the tenant how to operate all the appliances and test to make sure the major appliances are working including the range, dishwasher, washer/dryer, toilet flushing and changing the air filter. This reduces maintenance calls following move-in, and there is no question as to what the property condition was prior to move in. This provides peace of mind for landlords to protect their property and residents to assure the return of their security deposit.

    Our office is open during normal business hours M-F, 9-5 (excluding holidays) plus our property managers are on call for after hours appointments and tenant emergencies. Our voicemail is regularly checked after hours, and our extensive online advertising is always working 24 hours 7 days a week. If there is an emergency our vendors can be dispatched ASAP and in most cases make repairs within a few hours.

    Comprehensive Tenant Screening
    We recommend in most cases that a vacant property is better than an unqualified or troublesome tenant. Our thorough application process seriously reduces the risk of default. Our fees to tenants are always very competitive, and our detailed but not ‘scary’ process checks:

    • A national credit report on each and every adult applicant.
    • An eviction search for the state where the tenant resides.
    • Verification of former landlord references.
    • Verification of the applicant’s employment and/or income.
    • Statewide criminal background check on all adult applicants, including terrorist and sex offender lists.

    Accounting and Timely Deliver of Rents
    Our business is run using one of the best property management software programs in the industry which is web-based, so our property owners and residents can login at any time to download statements, pay rent, view documents, inspection reports and leases, etc. We process rents by the 10th of each month and deposit funds directly into our landlords’ bank account, plus we provide our property owners with a year end summary statement at the end of each year to give to your tax accountant.

    Tax Deductible Service
    When you hire a management Company to handle your rental property you can deduct the cost of our services from your taxes (or you can do the work yourself for which your time is not tax deductible). Hire a professional and reputable property manager and save time, money and stress while leasing your rental property.

    NO Hidden Charges / No Cancellation Fee
    Don’t expect your funds to show up in your bank account each month missing a ‘0’. Our fee schedule is very fair and simple with no ugly surprises. There is no cancellation fee if you are unhappy and wish to cancel your contract. We do not deduct an administrative fee from the tenant’s security deposit (unlike some other companies).

    No Surcharge, Mark-ups or Kickbacks For Minor Maintenance
    Maintenance requests are discussed with our owners beforehand and we do not assess a surcharge or accept referrals or kickbacks from any of our vendors, avoiding any conflict of interest and saving our landlords money. Our lease and move-in inspection is clear to tenants, if the repair is tenant-caused or minor then they should take care of it, otherwise they call us. There are no extra administrative fees for minor repairs and we have experienced, reputable vendors make repairs to your property so they are completed by a professional at a nominal price.

    Years of experience in Southwest Florida
    The broker and property managers of Dragonfly Properties & Investments, LLC have been serving the needs of property owners and residential tenants for many years, whilst we always remain at the forefront of technology and the latest legal matters.

    Questions? Call now for a free consultation on your properties! (239) 645-1104 or email

Use the toggles below to learn more about how Dragonfly Properties & Investments, LLC can help you with your rental / investment properties.

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    The time it takes to lease your home on the rental market varies depending on local market conditions, the condition and availability of the property. We can begin showing your rental home as the current residents give us their 30 day notice of their intent to move out. We answer hundreds of prospective tenant calls and e-mail inquiries every month.
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    We have a quick turnaround of your rents and statements. We offer “Electronic Direct Deposit” to your bank account. Rent proceeds are deposited into your bank account by the 10th day of each month.
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    The move-in inspection is completed just before the residents move in, where we detail the condition of your property on our written report, and we take approx. 50+ photos of the entire property inside and out.

    We inspect the exterior of our properties on a periodic basis and we conduct a routine walk-through inspection of the property approximately 2 times a year.

    Between the 10th & 11th month of the lease, we discuss with the residents and the owners their intent to renew their lease for another year. We provide or recommendations and if they are not renewing, we prepare our advertising in order to get the home re-rented quickly and we start showing the property the last 30 days of the lease.

    When the tenant moves out of your property we complete a detailed move-out inspection similar to the move-in inspection. The move out inspection is done to make sure that the rental home is returned to us in the same condition as when first rented except for minor wear and tear. If damage is found, then we impose a claim on the tenant’s security deposit as required by the Florida landlord tenant statute (F.S. 83), if no damage is found, then we promptly return the security deposit to the former residents.

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    Yes, we have experienced agents that handle both leasing and sales.
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    Our collections policies are as follows:

    • All rents are due on the 1st of each month and late on the 5th of each month. All residents who have not paid by the 5th of each month receive an automatic three-day notice, a firm reminder their rent plus a late fee is now due. This is also the legal prerequisite paperwork to file an eviction. We also attempt to reach them by phone. At this point there is no additional cost to you.
    • While an eviction is rare, as we carefully screen all prospective tenants, sometimes financial hardships do arise which require prompt attention.
    • Should it be necessary to file an eviction we:
      • Forward all paperwork, (including, but not limited to) copies of the lease, and our notices served upon the resident to a law firm around the 15th of the month (or sooner if you request) to proceed immediately in filing the eviction action.
      • Some evictions are settled with the resident paying all costs and remaining in the property, however, should it be necessary to proceed further we assist you free of charge for our services during the eviction. You would be responsible for the court cost and legal fees.
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    No, we cannot provide a guarantee as to whether or not a tenant will default. However, we do not assess a charge for an eviction if this happens.
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    No, however our fees are very competitive and fair and there are no hidden charges. When all fees are considered, for benefits received, we are actually less expensive than most companies around.
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    Our property managers are on call for our residents. Our voicemail and e-mail will take the residents emergency calls and we regularly check these.
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    This important issue is discussed with the tenant during the move-in inspection when all the appliances are tested and everything in the property is checked to be in working order. Tenants are expected to make repairs for minor items or tenant-caused problems, as outlined in their lease. For other issues they can call, e-mail or submit maintenance requests online. We contact the landlord prior to sending out a repairman for things other than routine maintenance and then we will arrange an estimate to be completed if the job will cost more than $250. Our vendors will complete the repair on the spot if it is under $250 and then invoice us, otherwise they contact us for authorization.

    Properties that are well maintained are good investments and they tend to attract the best tenants. We aim to place tenants in properties which are well maintained and in a clean, sanitary condition. We will make recommendations if we believe your property requires improvements or maintenance. Maintaining your property at a good /high standard will preserve your investment and keep your tenants happy.

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    We are so convinced you will be pleased with our services that we do not charge a cancellation fee if you wish to terminate our agreement. Provide us with 30 days notice and we will release you with no fee.
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    It is beneficial and cost-effective for us to find the highest qualified tenant in the least amount of time, therefore we aggressively market our properties with the latest methods. Currently, the majority of tenants are first looking online and driving around to find rental homes. We syndicate with thousands of top rental portals online including Google, Yahoo, Trulia, Hotpads, Craigslist, Backpage, Point2homes and many more.

    We put up attractive signs on every property and this also generates an abundance of calls every day. We take several digital photos of the inside and outside of your property and create a detailed description of the home and the area. You can see this on the property listings on our website and this marketing is far superior to most other management companies.

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